In disposal of each 1 ton of waste, at least 1,5 tons of steam energy can be generated and also the electrical energy also can be generated by means of the turbines which can be integrated to the plant.” The wastes which causes damage on the environment and which should be disposed are used as energy resources in Benli Geri Dönüşüm technology. It is aimed to create a substance and energy cycle and to have a sustainable change with this system.

Besides, by using these burnt wastes as renewable energy duel within the scope of bio – mass, the electricity can be generated.

A Mud – Feeding System B Reactor B-1 Freeboard B-2 Machine Room C Second Combustion Chamber
D Steam Generator D-1 Degasifier D-1 Condense Tank E Gas Refinement System F Flue
G Steam Turbine and Generator G-1 Vacuum Condenser G-2 Cooling Tower G-3 Electricity Transmission Site H Ash Collection System I Machine SCADA Room and Control Tower